Domain Names

Take Advantage of Exclusive Domain Names for Your Business

For a powerful online presence, having unique and exclusive domain name is imperative. As a preferred provider of domain names, we have a comprehensive portfolio of local and generic domain names to allow our clients to choose the right one. What’s more, our instant approval and apt pricing system allow clients to get suitable domain names at justified prices without waiting.

Absolute Privacy

We ensure that our clients get absolute privacy and nothing else by purchasing a domain name from us. We act as their domain name agent and make sure that their domain name ownership remains private. We make sure that the exclusiveness of their domain name remains intact over time.

Total Control of DNS

At ASH NET, we believe in providing complete DNS control to clients so that they can use an external provider or bring their own servers without any questions asked or formalities required. Of course, they can use our 3 Nameservers for flexible monitoring and better reliability.

Zero Hidden Costs

You will not get any nasty surprise when the bill is handed over to you. There are no hidden charges added to the bill and estimated cost communicated to you. We function on the principle of transparent pricing and ask only for a justified charge for the services we provide. You need not pay any extra charges.

Why buy domains from us?

ASH NET's preferred supplier status means we offer a full portfolio of local & generic domain names. With instant approval & wholesale pricing, you get the right domain name at the right price.

Protect your Privacy

ASH NET can act as your domain agent, protecting your ownership privacy .

Total DNS Control

Use our 3 Nameservers, use an external provider or bring your own for complete control.

No Hidden Costs

The low prices are not a trick, they're real & they're really good value. Grab your domain name now!

Top Level Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.com $12.00 Free $12.00
.org $19.20 Free $19.20
.co $21.60 Free $21.60
.info $19.20 Free $19.20
.net $19.20 Free $19.20

NZ Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.nz $19.20 Free $19.20 $19.20 Free $19.20 $19.20 Free $19.20 $19.20 Free $19.20 $18.00 Free $18.00 $19.20 Free $19.20

Niche Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.club $12.20 Free $12.20
.geek $66.00 Free $66.00
.agency $15.60 Free $15.60
.photography $15.60 Free $15.60
.media $19.20 Free$19.20
.expert $19.20 Free$19.20

Additional business features included with all domains as standard

Add Web Hosting to your Domain Name & get all these extra features!

Free Website Builder

Easy to use Control Panel

Website Blacklist Monitoring

Branded Email Addresses

Multiple Website Addresses

Total DNS Control