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Trustworthy Partner for your Computing Outsourcing Needs

Colocation service lets you house your servers in our safe and fully protected office. You need not bother about the maintenance of the server, as we will take care of additional equipment, such as rack, power, ping, and pipe, to ensure smooth and unhindered data center services 24/7 according to your business needs.

Flexible Scalability

Our colocation services offer flexible scalability to clients. No matter when and how quickly your business needs change, we are ready to accommodate both increasing and declining colocation requirements. You need not worry about getting new additional equipment, as we can handle it all with élan, meeting your business goals. We will set up a dedicated server right after you place the order.

Stringent Security Measures

We understand that the main concern of clients while hosting their servers with us is the security. To dispel your tension, we take advanced measures, ranging from biometric scanners and closed-circuit cameras to on-site security, coded access, and alarm systems. You need not purchase any security equipment, as we will provide it as a part of our colocation service package.

Unfailing Connectivity

We will house your servers in our specially designed climate controlled data center. Moreover, we will provide high bandwidth speed and outstandingly fast network connections so that your servers run without overheating or disruption of the network.

Complete Stability

We guarantee 99.99% uptime. No matter whether our clients change their office location or their office stops operating due to a severe natural disaster, their server and data will be safe with us. We have contingencies and backup generators to keep service stable and continuous.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

ASH NET has proven reliability history. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for all online products.

Full User Support

Got a problem? No problem. 0800 ASH NET, our Support Team is available 24/7, toll free, to sort any issues. No problem.

Instant Setup

Our powerful automated system will allocate your new Dedicated Server as soon as your order is confirmed. No waiting, just instant access to your new online processing power.