Cloud Email

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Billed Monthly

Billed Monthly

Billed Monthly

Manage all Your Business Emails at One Place

Keep all your important conversations safe, secure and easily accessible with us. All our cloud servers used for storing your valuable email information are customized to provide the best experience, security, and convenience.

Employing Cloud Email Services Benefits you with:

Complete Security

Our Email Cloud servers are equipped with all the latest security tools to keep your valuable email information safe from hackers and other malicious threats. Hence, all your important business conversations are safe with us.


Operating an in-house email server makes you pay for server, OS, the email platform, as well as for the various expenses of the staff responsible for its upkeep. A cloud email service saves you from all these expenses and hence is a cost-effective solution for your email needs.

Easy Scalability

Your email service with us is easily scalable. You can start off with a small portion and eventually get more as your business grows over time.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Mammoth organizations have disaster recovery tools. These tools can be prohibitively expensive for small to medium sized businesses. There are always chances of an internal email server crashing. Recovering data from it is a deed destined to fail in most cases. Cloud email keeps all your email data safe from disasters and calamities.

Multiple Migration Options

No matter you wish to migrate from a standard Exchange server, Gmail, IMAP, or any other mail platforms, we make email migration super easy. We provide several migration options to choose the best as per your business requirements.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

ASH NET has proven reliability history. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for all online products.

Full User Support

Got a problem? No problem. 0800 ASH NET, our Support Team is available 24/7, toll free, to sort any issues. No problem.

Instant Setup

Our powerful automated system will create your new Cloud Email Platform as soon as your order is confirmed. No waiting, you start enjoying your new Cloud Email Accounts immediately.